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Wardrobe Basics Shopping List : Closet Charm

Wardrobe Basics Shopping List

The Top 25 Pieces Your Closet Needs

When shopping for a wardrobe, there are certain items that just about every woman needs. Having these basics can help you add versatility to your clothing collection. After purchasing these 25 essential items, you’ll be able to make well over 100 outfit combinations.

Before using your shopping list, you’ll need to choose a neutral color and an accent color (you can find guidance on color selection here).

When purchasing the basics, keep your personal situation in mind. A business executive would do best to purchase her black pencil skirt in a fine wool, while a stay-at-home mom might prefer hers in a casual cotton fabric.

Downloadable PDF -> Wardrobe Basics Shopping List


_____ white t-shirt

_____ black t-shirt

_____ t-shirt in your accent color

_____ t-shirt in jewel tone color


_____ crisp white button-up

_____ black button-up

_____ blouse in your accent color

_____ blouse in your neutral color


_____ casual jeans

_____ dressy jeans

_____ khaki pants

_____ black pants

_____ pants in your neutral color


_____ black a-line skirt

_____ black pencil skirt

_____ denim skirt

_____ skirt in your neutral color


_____ little black dress

_____ wrap dress


_____ fitted blazer in your neutral color

_____ casual fitted blazer in any color


_____ sturdy wool coat

_____ trench coat


_____ wool pantsuit in your neutral color

_____ a cardigan in your accent color



Need a little inspiration about how to wear your 25 essentials? Download the shopping list for 100+ “style recipes” or view the list here.

Downloadable PDF -> Wardrobe Basics Shopping List



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