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The Best Place to Buy Shoes : Closet Charm

Shoes can be a rather expensive habit. A decent pair can cost upwards of $100. A designer pair can cost much more. When shopping for shoes I look for pairs that are stylish, can be worn with several outfits already hanging in my closet, and are relatively comfortable to wear. After overpaying for a rather large collection of shoes, I finally found a place where I can get these same styles at a significant discount. With helpful customer service and quick shipping, browsing their selection is my new favorite hobby.

Best Place to Buy Shoes: Amazon.com

At first I thought I’d never buy shoes online, but Amazon has a large selection and offers some incredible discounts over the course of a year.

Here’s my Amazon shoe shopping strategy…

  • I try shoes on at the mall. I almost never buy shoes without trying them on – an online picture just doesn’t cut it! To make sure a shoe will work, you need to see it in person and try walking around a bit. Usually I make my best finds at Nordstrom. They have a large selection of in-season shoes and very helpful sales associates (I admit feeling a bit guilty about not buying there after such service, but I make it up to them with other purchases). If there’s anything that I like, I make a note of it.
  • I find the shoes at Amazon.com. They don’t have everything, but they do have a good share of the latest styles.
  • I buy…or I wait. If Amazon is having a sale on the shoes when I check (they often are) then I buy them immediately. They come with free 2-day shipping because I have Amazon Prime. But, even if you don’t have Prime, they’ll still ship the shoes for free (it just takes longer). If the shoes are not on sale, I add them to my shopping cart and click the “save for later” button. Then, I regularly check my shopping cart to see if the price has been reduced. If it has, there will be a notice at the top. This is an easy way to track price reductions on several pairs of your favorite shoes.

Need it Now?

While Amazon is my absolute favorite shoe seller, I admit that this tactic doesn’t work on all occasions. Sometimes you’ll need to make a quick purchase for an upcoming event; sometimes you just gotta-have-shoes-now. In these emergency cases I have three alternatives: I buy the shoes on Amazon.com saving on tax, I buy the shoes on Zappos.com (which has excellent customer service and a greater selection, but higher prices) or I head back to Nordstrom and purchase the pair there (immediate gratification!).

How Cheap?

I have saved a ton of money buying on Amazon. Consider some of my recent purchases. These were all in-season shoes that I saw and adored at a brick-and-mortar shoe store before buying online (read: they weren’t bargain bin shoes).

kenneth-cole.jpgKenneth Cole Button Skimmer

Regular Price: $89.99

Price I Paid on Amazon: $44.48

Savings: $45.51

(Note: I actually bought a pair in a different color the week before from Nordstrom. Should have waited!)

naughty-monkey-shoe.jpgNaughty Monkey Crossize Pump

Regular Price: $94.99

Price I Paid on Amazon: $25.49

Savings: $69.50

steve-madden.jpgSteve Madden Vyktory Pump

Regular Price: $72.99

Price I Paid on Amazon: $20.99

Savings: $52

nine-west-buckup-kidskin.jpgNine West Buckup Kidskin Boot

Regular Price: $178.95

Price I Paid on Amazon: $53.69

Savings: $125.26

It’s important to note that Amazon is constantly changing their prices, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing. They also have a more limited stock. If you see something on sale in your size, don’t wait. Let a few days pass and the sale may be over.

Do you have a favorite shoe seller? Please share in the comments!

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