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Printable Wardrobe Planning Guide : Closet Charm

Printable Wardrobe Planning Guide

The Look Book is a free 22-page personal wardrobe planner. Use it to plan your best outfits ahead of time and you’ll never be stuck in front of your closet with nothing to wear.

Creating a Look Book can be a lot of fun – the experience of going through your wardrobe and designing outfits can help give you a good idea of what goes together. You may be surprised at some of the combinations you come up with. Once you’re done, you’ll have a complete catalog of your closet. You’ll never have to ask “what should I wear?” because you’ll have a personal wardrobe plan right at your fingertips.

There’s no “right way” to make a Look Book, but the printable templates in this collection can help. Use this page to help assemble your book, but feel free to make changes that fit your needs.

PDF download here -> Personal Wardrobe Planning Guide

Want to know more about the Look Book before downloading? The information below can help. These details are also included in the printable material (so, you can read it on paper if you’d prefer). Keep in mind: it’s not as complicated as it may seem. The printables are pretty self explanatory.

Look Book Supplies

To create your Look Book, you’ll need the following: a printout of all pages in the book, extra printouts of the outfit planning page, a 3-ring binder, a hole puncher, glue, and a camera. If you are using a digital camera you may want to copy-and-paste your outfit photos into the planning page before printing.

Using The Wardrobe Planning Pages

The Look Book templates have been designed so that your wardrobe planner will always be expandable. You can add as many pages as you want and organize them in dozens of ways. Here are a few tips on how to use the printable pages.

Outfit Planner – This is the page you use to design an outfit. You’ll take a picture of the outfit you create (either laid out on a bed or with you wearing it) and paste it onto the photo box. Additionally, you’ll include some information about the outfit.outfitcompleted.gif There’s room to note the outfit’s season (summer, winter, etc.) and a possible location to wear it (the beach, a wedding, etc). You can also add information about the individual outfit pieces in the “clothes,” “shoes,” and “accessories” sections.

The Section Pages – The section pages will be used to organize your outfits. Each outfit page will be placed in one of the following sections: Casual Outfits, Work Outfits, On-the-Town Outfits, and Formal Outfits. Once you decide which section an outfit belongs in, write the section and a page number at the top right of the outfit page (i.e. Section: Formal Outfits, Page: 1). The page numbers are based on the sections, not the entire book. For example, your casual outfits section may have pages 1 to 30 while your work outfits section has pages 1 to 10. By numbering the pages this way, you’ll be able to add and organize an infinite number of pages in each section.

Once you’ve assigned an outfit page a section, you’ll record the outfit on the section page. This works as a sort of “table of contents” for your Look Book. The section page has a place for you to record the name of the outfit, the season it’s suited for, the location you will wear it, and the page number.

The Collection Pages – The collection pages give you an additional way to keep track of your outfits. These pages are optional but can be very useful when you have a lot of clothes. Think of the collection pages as a sort of index for your book; these pages will tell you where to find certain outfits that share similar characteristics. You can make a collection page for each season. On the seasonal page, you’ll record the outfit name, the location you’ll wear it to, the section it’s located in (casual outfit, work outfit, etc.), and the page number.

The great thing about a collection page is that it can include outfits from any of the four sections. Your Spring Collection page may list a floral cocktail dress from the formal section, a t-shirt and capris outfit from the casual section, and a linen suit from the work section.

In addition to seasons, you can create a collection page for any category you’d like. Consider these examples: 2008 outfits, celebrity look-alike outfits, conservative outfits, cruise outfits, outfits with bright colors, black dresses, vacation outfits, concert outfits, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Assembling the Look Book

Once you have a basic understanding of how to use the pages, assembling your Look Book is easy. Prepare your pages with a 3-hole punch and place them in the binder. Here’s the order we’d suggest:

  • Front page
  • Section pages
  • Casual section divider
  • Casual section outfits
  • Work section divider
  • Work section outfits
  • On-the-town section divider
  • On-the-town section outfits
  • Formal section divider
  • Formal section outfits
  • Collection pages

You may want to make your book easier to navigate by printing the section divider pages in colored cardstock or adding divider tabs.

Using the Wardrobe Planner

After you finish your Look Book, keep in on hand. You’ll find it an invaluable resource when deciding what to wear. You may also want to browse through your book before going shopping – use it to choose the color / design of your new purchases. Once you know what you have, you’ll find it easier to purchase pieces that really work with your wardrobe.

Don’t forget to come back to ClosetCharm.com. We’ll be regularly publishing new printables to help you organize your clothes and develop a sense of personal style.

PDF download here -> Personal Wardrobe Planning Guide



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