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Closet Charm

Isaac Mizrahi’s Target line has some great retro-style dresses this season. In case you haven’t seen his Target collection, it’s really something. Cute dresses perfect for wearing to those outdoor spring weddings. Retro classic styles that work now and years from now. Best of all, they’re all under fifty bucks

Here are a few of my favorites:

yellow-wrap-dress-target.jpgYellow Wrap Dress

This yellow cap sleeve dress has an adorable side bow and a flattering a-line skirt. It’s very similar to a style I saw at Banana Republic just a few weeks ago. Target also carries this style in black for a more classic look. I’d probably wear it to a backyard bbq (I actually think it would be perfect for Easter, but I’d have to wait a year for that…)

target-taffeta-couture-dress-fandago-red.jpgTaffeta Couture Dress

Ooh, I love this retro style dress in “fandago red.” Very pretty for a backyard wedding, spring party, or a dressy bridal shower. Don’t you just want to put it on and twirl in front of a mirror? Or is that just me?

toile-print-dress-silver-birch.jpgToile Dress in Silver

I’m not a huge fan of floral patterns, but I rather like this simple feminine dress. Probably a piece I’d feel comfortable wearing to church, the office, or other conservative places.

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closet-charm-fit-card.jpgSizing is very strange. In Ann Taylor skirts I’m a zero; at the Gap I can fit a size 6. I’ve often measured myself when ordering clothes online or before shopping, but it’s hard to keep track of those numbers scribbled on a scrap of paper.

So, I’ve created a printable wallet size chart (and I’m going to share, of course). You can use it to keep track of your measurements, ensuring a perfect fit when you shop. It has spaces for you to write down your standard sizes and spots for you to record your actual measurements. Check a store’s sizing chart and you’ll know just what to get. Read more

Last weekend I was amazed at how many gorgeous a-line skirts were on display at the mall. Although I already have several, the temptation was too great. I ended up trying on dozens and added four more to my collection (at under thirty bucks a pop, I might add).

Spring Skirts

As I’ve said before, I love the a-line…it’s comfortable, forgiving, and works for all sorts of occasions. Because a-lines are full skirts (particularly the ones on sale this season), it can be difficult to decide what tops and shoes to choose. This article will show you how to make the most of the a-line this Spring. Read more

There are a lot of gorgeous retro swimsuits in stores this season. These one-pieces are perfect for wearing to a more conservative event, for hiding a bit of bulge, or for achieving a glamorous, classy look.

Here are my top picks:

Basic Black Sheath

This basic black swimsuit has adorable neckties and a flattering shape. It’s a retro pinup girl classic.

From: MyBabyJoe.com

juicy-couture-beach-chiffon-halter-swimdress-nordstroms.jpgJuicy Couture Swimdress

This stylish number is my personal favorite (although a bit expensive at $164…). The swimsuit has halter straps, lace trim, and an adorable bow. I think I’m in love…

From: Norstrom.com

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dressbydesign.jpgAfter I posted about the British dress company StyleShake, several readers offered additional suggestions for other made-to-order dress sites. Here are the top three:

1. DressByDesign. This American company takes a bit longer than StyleShake, but the pieces are shipped from within the States. They offer a ton of style and fabric options. You can choose a standard size or have the dress made to fit your measurements perfectly. One thing I really like about DressByDesign is that they let you choose exactly how long you want your skirts to be. I do wish that they offered more pictures of actual pieces rather than relying primarily on illustrations. Read more

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